February 8, 2013

A Reader Writes About Lili’s Gift

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I’ve been remiss. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of letters, cards, and emails from readers. And I’ve found they only write me if they like my books. In the past, I’ve not posted any of their letters. With her permission, I’m posting this comment from Ty’Reonna:

“You’re book was great I enjoyed reading it! Lili’s Gift inspired me to know that many young girls like me could not go on a great journey to find their father and have an amazing gift from god. That’s extraordinary! My favorite part was when she found her dad and they became a family again. Also when she went to go talk to the witch who didn’t turn out to be one, and what you explained on that part was the cover of the book where she held out her hand. The part that was sad was when her mom didn’t have enough money and Lili ¬†and Caleb had to be sent to the orphanage and she would always get in trouble with her gift. You’re book was out of this world I will continue to read more. Hope you can write more books for my family and we would be delighted to read them thanks for being a great author! I learned a lot about the civil war and Virginia.”

Thank you, Ty’Reonna!




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